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  • latex landscape

    There are several additional packages that can be used for landscape pages. Besides geometry the packages lscape and pdflscape can be used. The last two packages contain an additional environment. Pdflscape supports the correct display of PDFs in viewers. More information and examples can be found here:https://www.sascha-frank.com/landscape.html

  • latex empty line

    How to get an empty line or a blank line in LaTeX? Here you will find the solutions: https://www.sascha-frank.com/blank-line.html

  • includepdf latex

    One way to embed pdfs in LaTeX is to use the includegraphics command, another is to use the pdfpages add-on package which can do more than just embed a pdf or a page from a pdf into another document. More information and examples can be found here: https://www.sascha-frank.com/Faq/include_pdf.html

  • latex set margins

    In the past, page margins (and other margins) in LaTeX were set manually using special commands. Nowadays the additional package geometry is used to set the margins. More information and examples can be found here: https://www.sascha-frank.com/Faq/margins.html

  • latex fraction

    The representation of fractions can already be implemented in the standard of LaTeX. With the help of additional packages (amsmath, nicefrac and cancel) also other forms of fractions (like chain fractions, fractions within text) can be displayed. More about this and examples can be found here: https://www.sascha-frank.com/fractions.html

  • latex bold

    There are several ways to make a text bold in the LaTeX standard. You can distinguish between the command \textbf{Text in bold}, the environment bfseries and the switch \bfseries. More information and examples can be found here:http://www.sascha-frank.com/latex-italics.html

  • latex font

    The font in latex can be changed by using additional packages. Here is an example how it was done with the helvetica font: https://www.sascha-frank.com/Fonts/Helvetica.html And here is an example of how it was done with Times New Roman font: https://www.sascha-frank.com/Fonts/Times_New_Roman.html

  • textcolor latex

    Changing the font color or change text color from black to another color requires the use of an additional usepackage for example color or xcolor. More on this topic and examples can be found here: https://www.sascha-frank.com/latex_color.html Here are examples of colored text in latex: https://www.sascha-frank.com/Faq/colored_text.html Here are examples of colored frames in latex: https://www.sascha-frank.com/Faq/colored_frames.html

  • latex underscore

    To set an underscore in LaTeX is not so easy on the one hand to use protected characters and on the other hand to use them in file names. To make the usage easier there is an additional usepackage underscore. More on this topic and examples can be found here: https://www.sascha-frank.com/underscore.html

  • LaTeX Matrix

    LaTeX Matrix Within LaTeX there are several ways to set matrices and vectors. In the following commands and possibilities for the representation of matrices and vectors in LaTeX are shown. Standard LaTeX However, within the standard there is no separate command or environment for this. Here you have to use the array environment if you […]

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